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All Fr 08 Sept 20:00 Ah Astahova Poētiskais Vakars / АХ АСТАХОВА поэтический вечер Lielā Ģilde, Latvia 12.00 - 30.00 € Tu 28 Nov 19:00 Mihaila Zadornova komēdija Gribu sev vīru / Комедия Михаила Задорнова Хочу мужа Liepājas Olimpiskā centra Rožu zāle, Latvia 12.00 - 22.00 € Sa 20 Jan 19:00 Sergejs Garmašs. Katrai nekārtībai ir sava kārtība / Сергей Гармаш Всякому безобразию есть своё приличие Rīgas Kongresu nams , Latvia 12.00 - 45.00 € Fr 18 Aug 19:00 Comedy Club Production piedāvā Šovs Improvizācija / Шоу Импровизация от Comedy Club Production Rīgas Kongresu nams , Latvia 21.00 - 45.00 € Fr 18 Aug 18:00 VISAGINO COUNTRY 2017 Visaginas (Aikštė prie miesto centrinio stadiono), Lithuania 5.00 - 16.00 € Mo 28 Aug 19:30 BLUE Pasaules tūres ietvaros Dzintaru koncertzāle, Jūrmala, Latvia 25.00 - 120.00 € Sa 29 Jul 20:00 LNK Boxing Night 4 / LNK Boxing Nakts 4 SemaraH Hotel Lielupe, Latvia 10.00 - 1000.00 € Sa 22 Jul 15:00 GRANDIOZĀ NAKTS KULDĪGĀ 2017 Kuldīgas estrāde, Latvia 8.00 € Mo 26 Jun 20:00 Aleksandra Vertinska romances Jūlijas Viļumanes izpildījumā / Романсы Александра Вертинского в исполнении Юлии Вилюмане Mākslas galerija FIGARO ART, Latvia 20.00 € Sa 30 Sept 12:00 Buratino cirka un teātra izrāde ar dzīvniekiem, bērniem un pieaugušajiem / Буратино-театрально цирковое шоу для детей и взрослых Liepājas Olimpiskā centra Rožu zāle, Latvia 8.00 - 12.00 € Sa 21 Oct 18:30 ARENA KROSS Arēna Rīga, Latvia 10.60 - 50.60 € Fr 07 Jul 19:00 Tallinna Ülikooli Vilistlasnaiskoor Helia / XXV Rapla Kirikumuusika Festival Velise kirik, Estonia 3.00 - 5.00 € Th 17 Aug 19:00 AVE MARIA. Olga Pjatigorska - soprāns, Edīte Alpe - ērģeles Rīgas Sv. Jāņa baznīca , Latvia 15.00 € Mo 07 Aug 20:30 FEIST Trakų pilis, Lithuania 33.00 - 48.00 € Fr 22 Sept 19:00 VAREKAI, CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Arēna Rīga, Latvia 35.60 - 85.60 € Mo 06 Nov 19:00 Daniel Sloss - NOW Kino Splendid Palace, Latvia 12.00 € Tu 17 Oct 19:00 Šovs Toch v toch / Шоу Точь-в-точь (mainīts norises datums) Rīgas Kongresu nams , Latvia 21.25 - 55.25 € Tu 04 Jul 19:00 AVE MARIA. Olga Pjatigorska - soprāns, Ilze Reine - ērģeles Rīgas Sv. Jāņa baznīca , Latvia 15.00 € Sa 01 Jul 19:30 Dziesmu sirdij rodi Ventspilī. Amigo Dzintara dziesmu aptaujas fināls Venstpils, Reņķa dārzs, Latvia 4.00 - 6.00 € Th 10 Aug 19:00 AVE MARIA. Olga Pjatigorska - soprāns, Ilze Reine - ērģeles Rīgas Sv. Jāņa baznīca , Latvia 15.00 € Tu 27 Jun 19:00 70 gimtadienis: FK ''Žalgiris'' - Geteborgo IFK Lietuvos futbolo federacijos (LFF) stadionas, Lithuania 5.90 - 8.90 € Sa 08 Jul 14:00 Latvijas autošosejas čempionāts HELL Grand Prix 2017 Biķernieku kompleksā sporta bāze, Latvia 7.00 € Th 28 Sept 19:00 BIŠUMĀTE UN VILKACIS - Nacionālā teātra izrāde Teātra nams Jūras vārti, Latvia 4.00 - 8.50 € Th 08 Feb 19:30 Viktora Drobiša jubilejas koncerts. Būs visi / Виктор Дробыш юбилейный концерт. Будут все Arēna Rīga, Latvia 32.10 - 180.60 € Tu 26 Sept 16:30 NEMĪLESTĪBA / НЕЛЮБОВЬ Kino Splendid Palace, MAZĀ ZĀLE, Latvia 7.00 € Fr 14 Jul 19:00 ROŽU KAVALIERIS - Simfoniskās mūzikas koncerts Teātra nams Jūras vārti, Latvia 10.00 € Su 22 Oct 19:00 Jurijs Stojanovs. Jubilejas tūrē TIKAI SAVĒJIEM / Юрий Стоянов. Юбилейный тур ТОЛЬКО ДЛЯ СВОИХ Liepājas Olimpiskā centra Rožu zāle, Latvia 10.00 - 20.00 € Th 03 Aug 19:00 AVE MARIA. Olga Pjatigorska - soprāns, Ilze Reine - ērģeles Rīgas Sv. Jāņa baznīca , Latvia 15.00 € Tu 04 Jul 18:30 SEMINĀRS - PRAKTISKĀ NODARBĪBA ARTĪTS UN ARTROZES / СЕМИНАР-ПРАКТИЧЕСКОЕ ЗАНЯТИЕ ПО ЛЕЧЕНИЮ АРТРИТОВ И АРТРОЗОВ Rūpniecības iela 9, dz. 3, Rīga, Latvia 20.00 € Th 10 Aug 11:00 RETRĪTS AR DMITRIJU PŠONKO. DZIĻŠ TRENINGS PAR HOLOTROPO ELPOŠANU / РЕТРИТ С ДМИТРИЕМ ПШОНКО. ГЛУБОКИЙ ТРЕНИНГ ПО ХОЛОТРОПНОМУ ДЫХАНИЮ Naukšēni, Naukšēnu novads, Latvia 180.00 €

POSITIVUS adds new acts to the list of I LOVE YOU stage artists

Young, surprising and ready for experiments – also this year the I love You Stage at the Positivus Festival will be a place where to discover new artists, to enjoy already known artists and to party till the dawn in the special atmosphere of I Love You. As the tradition goes, there will be a secret act on the Saturday night.

To the already announced acts on the I Love You Stage, we add several bright bands and solo projects from Latvia and Estonia - each of them has a distinct musical style. From Latvia, the special atmosphere on the I Love You Stage will be created by the folk-industrial band DJ Krankenwagen, the world spirit-touched band Future Folk Orchestra, the experimental post-punk band Parára, the psychedelic rock-inspired band The Pink Elephant, the experimental rock legend Mona de Bo, singer Alise Joste and musician Matīss Kļaviņš with solo projects. Estonia will be represented by the electro-pop band Würffel, the melancholic indie-rock band Sibyl Vane and the progressive jazz band The Werg.

The repertoire of DJ Krankenwagen is characterised with folk-industrial sound, sharp and ironic lyrics and non-hidden borrowings from various artists, Jim Jarmush, Hospitāļu iela, Johann Sebastian Bach, Imants Kalniņš and Prodigy being among them. A musical chaos that stirs thinking – DJ Krankenwagen play music for people capable of reasoning.

Fizzy electropop from Estonia – Würffel create a bright world dominated by etheric synthesizers, seductive melodies and the fragile yet powerful voice of singer Rosanna Lint. Meditatively simple arrangement of tunes, powerful sound dynamics, sunny spirit – perfect music for warming up the best party and creating the right mood.

Nepieradinātā Folka Orķestris extends borders to the maximum: their repertoire includes folk music from various places in the world and times, neatly mixed with author music elements and their own-created pieces. Music that unites – even the furthest-travelling visitors will feel at home at concerts of Nepieradinātā Folka Orķestris.

The music of the experimental rock and postpunk band Parára is massive and breath-taking, letting the listeners to pay attention to the complex song structures and experimental melodies. The well-elaborated rhythms, neatly twisted guitar parts and mood-rich vocal lets one enjoy each second of their concerts with a real feeling of presence.

A bit of pop music, a bit of blues topped with punkrock – the melancholic indie/alternative rock band Sibyl Vane from Estonia perform loud and striking shows throughout Europe. The band’s driving force is Helen Randlaht, guitarist, singer and song writer, making the already powerful rock music even more powerful with her feministic charisma.

The Estonian progressive jazz band The Werg makes intellectually emotional music that inspires and stirs up feelings; the skilfully used rock music elements make it possible to have a look at instrumental jazz from a completely different point of view. Dense sounds, filigreed guitar solos and breathtaking swings let you not only listen into the music but also yourself.

The feeling creators, psychedelic rock band The Pink Elephant embrace jazz and experiments into their music, achieving a true sounding that takes you back to the Golden Age of psychedelic rock. The vocal merges with the music, sounding like another instrument, making you to listen more to the vocal capabilities than the lyrics. Clever and non-intrusive music for the interested listeners.

The music of Matīss Kļaviņš is a bit alienated and introvert, but at the same time it addresses the listener directly, making one think about things in life that are important in life or overrated. The experimental sounding is achieved with influences from blues, folk, indie and alt-country, not aiming blindly at a dominance of a certain genre. A concert for those who listen into.

Etheric and sophisticated and at the same time so simple, near and understandable – singer Alise Joste in her songs tell us about things around us, doing it with sincere heartiness and genuineness that makes one believe every word. Tender, lulling melodies, a gentle vocal and a sincere respect of everything alive – the act of Alise Joste on the I Love You Stage that is encircled with pine trees will be a real melting with the nature.

 In the age when rush is the natural state of mind, the experimental rock duo Mode de Bo makes it possible to stop and find enlightenment in slow core and drone moods. In their concerts, Mona de Bo pull you into their world gradually, the sound transforms and becomes more and more powerful, the mood gets hypnotic, until you dissolve in their music.

The 9th Positivus Festival, which will take place from July 17 till July 19 in Salacgrīva, Zvejnieku Park, as traditionally, will be an exciting event for the fans of high-grade music and crazy parties. So far the confirmed acts include Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters, Placebo, Kasabian, St.Vincent, Basement Jaxx, Tom Odell, Jungle, Charli XCX, Lamb, Everything Everything, Fenech-Soler, Jack Garratt, Ewert and the Two Dragons, The Sound Poets,  Kate Boy, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Triana Park, Max Jury, Soak, Peace, East India Youth, Indiana, Tropic, Vök, Jennie Abrahamson, Rangleklods, Public Access T.V. ,Warpaint, Rival Sons, Ghostpoet, Inokentijs Mārpls, Momend, Laika Suns, Galvanic Elephants, Zebra Island, Super Besse, andThe Bongo Club.  Till the Festival, more acts on the six stages of the Positivus Festival are to be confirmed.

The Festival’s main partner is Lattelecom, its supporters are Nordea and Tuborg. The latest news of the Festival can be heard on Radio SWH, the official radio of the Positivus Festival. Tastes to the Cinema Tent will be provided by Ādažu čipsi.

A three-day ticket without a tent space costs EUR 65.00; a three-day ticket with a tent space costs EUR 71.00. One-day tickets are also available at the price of EUR 35.00. Tickets without a commission fee are available on

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