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All Sa 10 Mar 18:00 VASARAI ZIEMĀ BŪT Vidzemes Olimpiskais Centrs, Latvia 10.00 - 15.00 € Sa 27 Jan 16:00 XVI Starptautiskais bardu saiets Tatjanas diena Teātra nams Jūras vārti, Latvia 3.00 - 4.50 € We 07 Feb 18:30 Valmiera/ORDO - VEF Rīga, OlyBet Latvijas Basketbola līgas spēle Vidzemes Olimpiskais Centrs, Latvia 1.50 - 3.00 € Th 16 Aug 19:30 Komēdija Vīrieši čībiņās / Комедия Мужчины в тапочках Rīgas Kongresu nams , Latvia 12.00 - 55.00 € Sa 18 Aug 19:00 TURECKA KORIS / ХОР ТУРЕЦКОГО Dzintaru koncertzāle, Jūrmala, Latvia 30.00 - 120.00 € Sa 07 Apr 19:00 Riga Jazz Stage 2018 Kino Splendid Palace, Latvia 10.00 - 35.00 € Th 24 May 19:00 AVE MARIA. Olga Pjatigorska - soprāns, Edīte Alpe - ērģeles Rīgas Sv. Jāņa baznīca , Latvia 15.00 € We 31 Oct 19:00 Paldies, Tev draugs VEF kultūras pils, Latvia 10.00 - 40.00 € Sa 19 May 18:00 Dmitrijs Mjačins / Дмитрий Мячин Maskavas nams , Latvia 10.00 - 15.00 € Sa 17 Feb 23:00 ZEMFIRA (ЗЕМФИРА) Neverlate Coverfest Vol.2 Klubs NEVERLATE, Latvia 5.00 - 7.00 € Fr 13 Apr 19:00 Oļegs Vainšteins / Олег Вайнштейн Maskavas nams , Latvia 12.50 - 25.00 € Fr 17 Aug 19:30 MAKSIMS GALKINS / МАКСИМ ГАЛКИН Dzintaru koncertzāle, Jūrmala, Latvia 30.00 - 120.00 € Fr 13 Jul 19:30 A'STUDIO Dzintaru koncertzāle, Jūrmala, Latvia 30.00 - 100.00 € Su 27 May 19:00 AVE MARIA Olga Pjatigorska - soprāns, Edīte Alpe - ērģeles, Indulis Cintiņš - vijole Rīgas Doms, Latvia 10.00 - 35.00 € Sa 24 Feb 20:00 S. Komisarenko (Stand UP), V. Usovič (Atvērtais Mikrofons) / С. Комисаренко (Stand Up), В. Усович (Открытый микрофон) Studio 69, Latvia 20.00 - 400.00 € Fr 09 Mar 19:00 BĪSTAMAIS PAGRIEZIENS / ОПАСНЫЙ ПОВОРОТ Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Latvia 7.00 - 17.00 € We 14 Mar 19:00 KŅAZE MERI / КНЯЖНА МЕРИ Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Latvia 7.00 - 17.00 € Th 15 Mar 12:00 MAZAIS PRINCIS / МАЛЕНЬКИЙ ПРИНЦ Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Kaļķu 16, Latvia 7.00 € Fr 16 Mar 19:00 KARALIS LĪRS / КОРОЛЬ ЛИР Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Latvia 7.00 - 17.00 € Sa 24 Mar 19:00 KRIETNAIS CILVĒKS NO SEČUĀNAS / ДОБРЫЙ ЧЕЛОВЕК ИЗ СЕЗУАНИ Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Latvia 6.00 - 10.00 € Sa 03 Mar 19:00 1900. LEĢENDA PAR PIANISTU / 1900-й. ЛЕГЕНДА О ПИАНИСТЕ Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Latvia 25.00 € Tu 06 Mar 19:00 MEITENE KAFEJNĪCĀ / ДЕВУШКА В КАФЕ / R. Paula muzikālās fantāzijas ar A. Skujiņas dzeju Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Latvia 7.00 - 20.00 € Tu 06 Mar 19:00 GRAŅONKA / ГРАНЕНКА Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Kaļķu 16, Latvia 10.50 - 15.00 € Th 08 Mar 19:00 ALBUMS / АЛЬБОМ Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Latvia 7.00 - 17.00 € Fr 09 Mar 19:00 LAIKA FALSETS. M. Cvetajevas poēzija un proza. Lasa J. Rafalsons. / ФАЛЬЦЕТ ВРЕМЕНИ. Поэзия и проза М. Цветаевой. Читает Я. Рафальсон Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Latvia 10.50 - 15.00 € Th 15 Mar 19:00 Ziema / ЗИМА Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Kaļķu 16, Latvia 7.00 - 10.00 € Sa 17 Mar 19:00 TANGO AR STROKU / ТАНГО МЕЖДУ СТРОК Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Kaļķu 16, Latvia 7.00 - 17.00 € Th 29 Mar 19:00 JAUKTĀS JŪTAS / СМЕШАННЫЕ ЧУВСТВА Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Latvia 7.00 - 20.00 € Fr 16 Feb 20:00 Spanish and Latinos grupas Los Nens koncerts Restorāns Neptūns, Jūrmala, Latvia 9.00 € We 07 Mar 19:00 GANDRĪZLAIME / ПОЧТИСЧАСТЬЕ Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Latvia 7.00 - 20.00 €

Luis – General Interview Questions for European Tour Leg II Nov-Dec 2017

•      Luis, what is your first impression when you travel to Europe?
LF: Well, I have been traveling to Europe throughout my life and I have always loved it. Now, with my “Love and Dance World Tour” I have been able to visit many European countries for the first time ever, so it’s been fun exploring all the different cultures, getting to know many people, enjoying the food and performing of course. For me to see so many people enjoying my music even though Spanish is not their native language …it’s truly amazing. 
•      Which country do you like the most – beside of Puerto Rico, your home, obviously?
LF: That is a very tough question. I love many countries for many different reasons, it’s simply impossible to name just one: Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, México, the United States, among others. Like I mentioned before, with this tour I’ve had a chance to travel to new places, so I will give you an update on this as soon as I finish traveling the world. This is the best part of touring :)
•      Tell us about the huge devastations in Puerto Rico – how can your fans in Europe help you in your efforts to rebuild your lovely island?
LF: First, thank you so much for asking, this is something that have affected us all and we need to continue bringing awareness about the devastating current situation Puerto Rico is living What you see on TV is not even close to the damages caused by Hurricane Maria. There is no electricity, food, water or medicine… My beautiful and vibrant island is gone, and my people desperately need help. My goal is to help rebuild and get back to what we used to be or better. I have created a donation page: to raise funds for Puerto Rico, including the area of La Perla, where just last year, we filmed the video for “Despacito,” where the people have lost everything. Any donation it’s so appreciated, even if it is a dollar or two, any amount it will help tremendously. 
•      Your hit “Despacito” has just crossed 4 billion views on youtube – the most seen video in history – what do you feel when you hear these figures?
LF: I feel gratitude. Everything that has happened this year has been both a surprise and a blessing, and since this journey started, I have been trying to stay in the moment and enjoy everything that “Despacito” has brought to me not only personally but professionally. Having a 20-year career and being able to continue spreading my music around the world it’s a dream come true, I couldn't ask for anything more. 
•      Do you fear that it will be hard to top your “Despacito” success? What are your next steps planned for 2018?
LF: "I’m not concerned about outdoing Despacito. It’s broken every mold. It’s something that’s going to go down in history as a very special song, and you sort of have to just leave that alone and celebrate it and be grateful and thank God and thank my audience every day. The only thing I can worry about is just keep giving my audience great music. I can't release my next song thinking that I’m going to outdo Despacito because I’m not going to. This is very special and whatever happens from here on is gravy.”
•      You just became ambassador of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company trying to make your home a tourist destination better known in the world – what are your tasks and what are your goals – and how has hurricane “Maria” impacted the tourism possibilities on the island?
LF: Before Hurricane Maria happened, our goal was to show the world what a beautiful destination Puerto Rico is. And now our focus is to rebuild.  Everyone’s support has been keeping the spirit of my people alive. People on the Island have really come together to help each other. It is this generosity, this hospitality, and the beauty of our Island that makes Puerto Rico an amazing place.The resiliency and strength of our people will get us through the days ahead and makes me very confident that Puerto Rico will quickly recover.
•      You have been a musician for more than 19 years now – how does it feel to become such famous and known to larger audiences so suddenly due to the “Despacito” success? Are you going to change how you play and do your music?
LF: I have had the same work ethic throughout my 20-year career. I work hard daily, I never stop creating, I mean, music is my passion and what I love, so very little has changed as far as how I play and create my music. What has changed now is that I get to perform in front of audiences whose native language is different than mine and yet, they enjoy it and dance to it as if they understood every single word, it is amazing to witness this every night. And I loving every minute of this and this is just the beginning… new single is coming out soon and I can’t wait to share it with the world.  
•      You are expected to win one or more of the Latin Grammys this year – if you win, will that affect or influence your future way of playing your music, addressing your audiences, writing new songs?
LF: To be recognized for your craft its always an honor of course and I am very excited and grateful for all the nominations I have received this year. But it doesn't really affect how I create my music. When I write songs, they come from the heart and live experiences, and what I feel it’s the best I can give to my audience. You can’t overthink these things, you have to go with your gut. 
•      What shall the next single and video for Europe be? Have you decided on that already – will it be an up-tempo song again or a ballad?
LF: Absolutely, its recorded, ready and it’s coming very soon! It’s going to be a collaboration with an incredible artist, I’m not allowing to say who it is yet, but we are both very excited! 
•      What else important would you like to let your fans in Europe know? 
LF: That I am eternally grateful for their support and that I can’t wait to see them at my concerts. I am beyond excited to be there, it’s going to be fun, I promise.  
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