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ANDREA BOCELLI will perform in Riga in January

“If God could sing he would sound like Andrea Bocelli” these words spoken by Celine Dion perfectly describe the talent of one of the most well-known soloists of all time.

On 10th of January, Andrea Bocelli will give an exclusive concert in Riga Arena accompanied by symphonic orchestra. His voice, sometimes melancholic, sometimes strong and dignified, is as unrivaled in expression and timbre as it is recognizable as his unique signature. In an international career spanning 20 years and with more than 80 million albums sold the Italian tenor has become a living legend.

Tickets for this concert will go on sale at on 25th of March.

Andrea Bocelli’s success cannot be compared with any other classical artist, because only Andrea has achieved a stunning career in two radically different worlds - crossover and classical music. His career has been incredible, with every album no matter whether crossover or operatic, selling millions of copies. He has a major influence on the music market, with the ability to perfectly combine genres, introducing elegant classics into the wide world of pop.

Andrea Bocelli has won many prestigious awards (eg, a Golden Globe and a Grammy) and his albums are continuing to set records in terms of sales, and maintaining a presence in the charts (Sacred Arias spent 3.5 years in first place of the classical music chart). His name has even appeared in the Guinness Book of Records.
His latest album Love in Portofino, was released in October 2013. The CD/DVD compilation features some of Bocelli’s best known Italian and International songs including breathtaking performances of “Anema e Core,” and “Love in Portofino,” as well as “Il nostro incontro”. The compilation also highlights songs featured on Bocelli’s most recent studio album, Passione, including “Love Me Tender,” “Champagne,” “Roma nun fa la stupida stasera,” “Perfidia,” and “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás.”

Andrea Bocelli has performed before Popes, kings, princes, presidents, and the very biggest names in music request that they be given the chance to duet with this great tenor. He gives only a limited number of solo concerts a year, therefore his every appearance is a great event, a real opportunity for music connoisseurs.

Andrea Bocelli will perform in Arena Riga on 10th of January; the concert will see Maestro Bocelli perform classical arias from the most famous Italian and international operas. The Artist will also delight the crowd with songs from his latest album, Love in Portofino and possibly one or two surprises.

The last time Bocelli performed in Riga was in 2009 in front of an audience of more than 14,000 people. As Arena Riga has limited space, only 8,000 tickets will be available to buy for this wonderful show.

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