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Grenholma metode / Метод Грёнхольма

Th 20/04/2023 19:00
7.00 - 17.00
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Produced by special arrangement with The Susan Gurman Agency, LLC
New York, NY

J. Galсeran

Translated by. V.Podguskov

Directed by Sergey Golomazov (Russia)
Set and costume design by Olga Shaishmelashvili, Peter Okunev (Russia)

There are four of them.
They are contenders for the position of a top manager in a corporation with a worldwide reputation.
Each of them has come for a personal interview with a representative of the company, but instead it turns out to be a competition - one against three.
The candidates have to perform tasks, given by invisible examiners, and there will be only one winner in this game. The stakes are high - conscience and money, prestige and ethics, professionalism and humanity. So all means are good. Right?
An action-detective story, tough in its irony; a comedy, providing an accurate reflection of the sophisticated "business games"...
Jordi Galceran, a playwright, screenwriter and translator, has gained worldwide fame thanks to this play.

More information: http://www.mct.lv


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