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Su 28/08/2022 19:00
20.00 - 55.00
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Concert Hall Dzintaru will host a concert
"Made in  Latgola!” on August 28th, 2022
The first concert with title “Made in Latgola” was held at VEF Culture Palace, where Latgale region related musicians and performers were greeted with thou unexpected but well-deserved ovations on October 2019. All tickets were sold out a month before the concert. "It surprised us, but at the same time it encouraged and convinced us that there was a great interest in these kind of events," admits the host of the evening Kaspars Pudniks. Therefore, the organizers of the concert intend to show something similar and even more wide on August 28th at the concert hall Dzintari. Every single artist will present his or hers most popular song reflecting The Land of Blue lakes, during the concert.

The entire concert will be hosted by musician and singer Kaspars Pudniks. During the concert he will also tell the audience various interesting facts about Latgale and its history. The concert will host such patriots of Latgales’ songs, performers and music ensembles as Galaktika, Baritoni, Ginc and me, Liepavots, Inga and Normunds, and the winners of the TV show "Singing Family. The group of professional musicians namely Crazy Daisy will accompany singers and  performers of the concert as well as the choreography will be undertaken by folk dance ensemble “Cipars”. The audience will have the opportunity to sing along to well know songs and surely laugh at the host’s jokes.
Ata Auzan's repertoire will include well-known Latgalian folk songs arranged by musician himself, as well as "Where’s the Light", which he once performed with the Orange Choir on TV show.  The Tihovsku family will perform a song "Pīmiņ brol" written by Valdis and Mara Muktupavels, which depicts Latgale, which is still to be honoured. Atis Auzans and Dace Tihovska arranged this song, enrobed it in new sounds making it as a tribute to the centenary of the Latgale Congress two years ago. "The second folk song we will offer to our audience will be 'My Father's Beautiful Court', with which we won the 'Singing Families' show," says Dace Tihovska. The band "Ginc and me" will surely perform their top track "Over the Gauja", which will be complemented by some of their countless new releases. "I am a Latgalian myself, I live here, I carry the name of Latgale ," proudly says Gints Ločmelis, a member of the Ginc and me group from Rezekne,. "I am proud that my birthplace is Latgale for sure" says Atis Auzans, who will be one of the performers on the stage in "Made in Latgale!" “Every time I come to my hometown Livani, I feel at home. I could not have imagined that my Livani Secondary School No.1 would be transformed after reconstruction. The positive changes of schools proves that in Latgale is prospering and everything is developing to the best. ”

"My belief is that we are born in the place we need to be," says Dace Tihovska from Ludza. “It is a man's greatest happiness if his life has developed so that he can remain faithful to the place he is born. No matter how hard it may seem to think that grass is greener somewhere else, especially when the borders are wide open, there is nothing to compare to your native spot.”

"When VEF Culture Palace hosted the first 'Made in Latgale' concert,  the atmosphere of the concert was so warm and welcoming," adds Kaspars Pudniks. “From the very beginning of the concert, VEF Culture Palace could embrace the joy of get-together - the audience knew what they were attending, and they got it right. I'm sure that audience will capture the same feeling  also  on August 28th at the beautiful seashore, and the event will  certainly be even more splendid at the premises of concert hall Dzintari. You are all welcome”

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