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OM Konference 'Par iespējām'

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Conference "About opportunities 2024" will take place in Jurmala.

On May 19th, at Hotel Jurmala SPA (Jomas 47/49, Jurmala), the second conference organized by the OM community, which brings together leading experts, entrepreneurs, and representatives of creative professions in Latvia, will occur. The main theme of this year's conference is opportunities. According to the organizers, the primary mission of the event is to inspire participants to actively search for and utilize opportunities that can radically change their personal and professional lives. The conference is designed for those who are ready to boldly step beyond the traditional career boundaries by choosing the path of freelancing and developing their personal brand.
"We are convinced that every person possesses unlimited potential, and we are ready to provide the means for its realization. We aim to offer a platform for exchanging knowledge, ideas, and experience, helping participants to see and realize potential in themselves and around them," explains Michelle Shehurina, the author and organizer of the event. "Our event will interest those who have already reached certain heights in their fields and decided to change their life, following their beliefs and passions. The conference is intended to be a catalyst for those who wish to enhance their personal brand, expand their professional horizons, and establish valuable contacts."
Among the speakers at the conference are well-known Latvian entrepreneurs and representatives from different professional fields: Ikar Keish, Chairman of the Board of Apsara company; Zhanna Dubska, stylist, television host, and Doctor of Science; Lena Lumelsky, creative director of the brand ArtisainT and designer of the brand Lena Lumelsky; Anton Adamovich, founder of DeepTech startups and co-organizer of the Commercialisation Reactor; Olga Troitsina, business coach, speaker of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and financier; Natalia Olesik, radio host and psychologist; Victoria Poletskikh, entrepreneur and creator of the cosmetic brand Viktory Star; and Michelle Shehurina, event organizer, sales and promotion expert, and co-owner of the brand TOOCHE. "My strength is to see opportunities where others only see obstacles. And about this, I will speak at the conference, using the example of my business - the company Apsara, which has been leading in the Latvian tea market for over 20 years," says conference participant Ikar Keish, Chairman of the Board of the Apsara company.

More information: https://mshehurina.com/conference-may


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