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Vera Polozkova / Вера Полозкова

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Vera Polozkova and Alexander Manotskov are presenting their program "Augmented Reality" in Riga.

They will come to bring an unforgettable evening filled with poignant poetry that captures the "spirit of the time", all accompanied by music.

Vera Polozkova is known for sparking a quiet revolution in contemporary poetry, pushing its boundaries and attracting a young people to the beauty of poetic words. In recent years, both Vera Polozkova and Alexander Manotskov have reinvented the ancient genre of antiphon, where poetry, recitation, and music seamlessly merge together.

Before the war, the duo had toured cities in Russia and Ukraine many times. However, after the cause of February 24, 2022, they made the decision to leave Russia. Since then, Polozkova and Manotskov have taken their "Antiphons" to various corners of the world, regularly updating their content while staying true to the original concept.

"Augmented Reality" program aims to explore what happens to all of us when we are hidden within the interfaces of social networks, and it delves into what we truly feel beneath the numbness caused by constant exposure to daily news updates.


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