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24 – 27 August 2023

For the fourth year, Zuzeum Art Centre and chamber orchestra Sinfonietta Rīga invites the audience to spend a few velvety warm August nights in the company of wonderful music and friendly atmosphere. For a long weekend, let's enjoy chamber music masterpieces from various eras, presented by the brilliant soloists of Sinfonietta Rīga, and not yet think about the autumn for a little while.

This year's concert guests will be presented with a new experience of the 'Summer Night Chamber Music' concerts – musical experience will take place in the Great Exhibition Hall.  As a part of the concert programme, a special selection of paintings from the Zuzāns Collection will be exhibited. In line with the  diverse musical programme of the four evenings, the selection will consist of art created from the 19th century to the present day - modern references to luxurious baroque, classical and industrial romanticism. In this interaction of music and art, every concert guest will have the chance to find their own associative connections.

This year the four concerts of the Summer Night Chamber Music 2023 will take us on a journey from the Baroque era to the present.

⚫️ On 24 August we will have a rare chance to dive into the lesser known world of French Baroque.

⚫️ On 25 August we will encounter contemporary music from Northern Europe, including new works by Estonian composer Pärt Uusberg and Latvian composer Platons Buravickis, written especially for this festival.

⚫️ On 26 August we will traverse the bridge leading from the wistful mists of the Romantic era to the babel of the 20th century.

⚫️  Finally, on 27 August we will witness the never-ending railroad tracks intersecting with the vortices of eternal movement.

The concerts will be narrated by music journalist Orests Silabriedis.

Entrance — from 19.00, concert starts at 20.00. Before the concert you can explore the exhibition and enjoy drinks on the Zuzeum Rooftop Terrace. Please, arrive early to get the best seats – they are available without prior reservation.

 More information Sinfoniettariga.lv

More information: http://www.zuzeum.com


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