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Tribute night! Big Heavy plays: Jamiroquai! @M/Darbnīca

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Tribute night! Big Heavy plays: Jamiroquai!
Big Heavy, the funk and groove music collective formed by Latvian trombonist Vadims Dmitrijevs, will celebrate the 4th of May together and invites everyone to join the festivities at M/Darbnīca. This time the band, which always features Latvian non-academic music greats, has prepared something very special for the audience - a whole concert dedicated to Europe's most legendary funk and acid jazz band - Jamiroquai, and their music. The concert will give the audience a chance to hear their favourite Jamiroquai compositions performed by Latvia's best jazz, funk and pop musicians, as well as to dance to them. As Vadims Dmitrijevs, the artistic director of the project, says: "I couldn't imagine anyone listening to Jamiroquai songs performed by this band without dancing to the music, so we decided to clear the M/Darbnica hall of chairs and tables and let the audience dance the night away!
Evilena Protektore - Vocals
Vadims Dmitrijevs - Trombone
Reinis Puriņš - Trumpet
Artūrs Sebris - Saxophone
Aleksejs Bahirs - Violin
Māris Vitkus - Piano
Jānis Pastars - Guitar
Toms Poišs - Bass
Jēkabs Zemzaris - Drums
Uģis Upenieks - Percusions
Event information:
Date: 4 May
Time: 21:00
Location: A. Briāna street 9
If the ticket service is sold out, you can buy tickets at the M/Darbnīca on the spot with cash.
Tickets: www.mdarbnica.lv/tickets 

More information: http://www.mdarbnica.lv


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