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Viljandi folk music festival 2019. FRIDAY TICKET

Fr 26/07/2019 13:00
35.00 - 45.00
Viljandi Folk Music Festival

The folk music festival that takes place in Viljandi Castle Hills and city centre every July is the ultimate expression of the unique way of thinking that started spreading in the beginning of the 1990s. It values tradition, heritage and local identity and tries to adapt the spiritual values that people have developed over hundreds and thousands of years to the contemporary way of life. The aim of all of it is to keep our traditions alive, strengthen our national character and invigorate our musical mother tongue.
Our youthful and happy festival guests are cheerful and caring towards their surroundings and themselves, and open to the opportunities of falling in love and delving deep into something. That's the spirit of the festival! Viljandi Folk Music Festival has become one of the largest of its kind in the Baltic and Nordic countries.

The festival consists of:

4 days of folk music celebration
9 stages
800 musicians, 110 concerts
26,000 visitors
Free concerts on the Green stage
Instrument playing, singing and dancing workshops
Runo Song Nest
Fairy Tale Chambers
Handicraft Yard and exhibitions
County concerts

The XXVII Viljandi Folk Music Festival takes place on July 25-28, 2019. The theme of the festival is "Sounds Good". The theme that can be paraphrased as "A story behind the tune" focuses on the ideas behind the music, the meaningful stories in songs and the performer's personal relationship with the songs they perform.

Come and enjoy the natural environment and magnificent Estonian music in the most beautiful small town in Estonia!
Viljandi Folk Music Festival
Viljandi, Estonia
+372 434 2050

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Event Date / Time Venue Price  
Viljandi folk music festival 2019. FRIDAY TICKET Fr 26/07/2019 13:00 VILJANDI LINN 35.00 - 45.00
Good to know
Ticketing service fee 0.60 € (including VAT 21%) will be applied for each ticket.
The XXVII Viljandi Folk Music Festival takes place on July 25-28, 2019 in Viljandi, South Estonia. The ticket sales begin on the 1st of December at Piletilevi online store.

Day pass is for a folk music fan who wants to enjoy as many concerts as possible, but can only come to Viljandi for one single day. Just like the festival pass, the day pass is exchanged for a wristband and gives access to all the concerts. The price includes all outdoor concerts, access to the indoor concerts is granted according to availability. An additional 2 €  ticket must be bought to the concerts taking place in Traditional Music Center.
Day passes are limited.

Day pass Friday prices:
35€ / 40€ / 45€ - for the quickest the cheapest prices!
Choose the cheapest option available first, the more expensive tickets do not have extra value!

All the children aged 12 and under can enter the festival for free

Single concert tickets

It is possible to buy single tickets to all the concerts of Viljandi Folk Music Festival. Ticket grants a single entry to the concert area and is no longer valid if you leave the area. Concert ticket also grants repeated entry to the festival area (the perimeter) during the day of the concert. Single tickets will be available from 1st of July.

Area ticket

Viljandi Folk Music Festival takes place in the city of Viljandi and in the castle hills, the festival area is called the perimeter. All the pass and ticket owners can enter the perimeter for free, for other guests the entry is free on first  three festival days until 14.00, and all day on Sunday. At other times, a single entry ticket for 5  € must be bought to enter the area. Area tickets can be bought only during the festival.
Eesti Pärimusmuusika Keskus MTÜ
Eesti Pärimusmuusika Keskus MTÜ
Tasuja pst 6 Viljandi 71011 Viljandimaa
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