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Tango In The Shadows (Argentīna)

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“Tango in the Shadows”

27th of April 2024, Liepāja Great Amber Concert Hall - "Tango in the Shadows" (Argentina)

This extraordinary event will give you the opportunity not only to admire a great tango dance performed by professional artists, but also to experience the magical climate of Argentina. The emotional sounds of the bandoneons, the melodic tones of the violin, the pulsating rhythm of the percussion will accompany you throughout the evening.

The dance performance "Tango in the Shadows" will fill your heart with passion, emotion and the extraordinary rhythm of tango. It is an event that will surely leave lasting memories.

"Tango in the Shadows” will make the audience feel a complete fusion with Argentine music, laying bare the dramatic feelings that make up the very essence of tango, making them part of its avant-garde language.

The power of desire, selfishness and the desire to possess, to love to the death, run wild on the stage, overcoming its limits and asking the audience: 'How can that which gives pleasure also give pain?' What magical component is added to the nostalgia of tango, allowing us to dance on the border between light and darkness?

Markos Ayala (director, choreographer, dancer) and Paola Camacho (his partner), in two opposite roles, succeed in embodying two polar worlds that dance forces to collide, tests their strength, pushes to the limits of the possible and brings to a compromise of complete submission.

"The Marcos Ayala Tango Company” is today considered one of the best dance companies in Argentina and the world. Their performances have been admired by audiences in the USA, Israel, Finland, Sweden, Chile, France and other countries. The company's most famous performances - "Tango in Buenos Aires", "Astor Tango" and "Tango in the Shadows" - have rightly won the hearts and affections of audiences.

Marcos Ayala, as noted by the critics, is one of the most outstanding Argentine tango dancers of our time and an ambassador for the dance in the world.

"Marcos Ayala is the brightest beacon in the world of dance today." (The Washington Post)

"Tall and elegant. Excellent dance technique and charisma of the artist. He is the king of the stage." (Boston Globe E.E.U.U.)

"Tango in the Shadows" is dedicated to both lovers of this art, experienced dancers and those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience the magic of tango. The exceptional talent of Marcos Ayala and Paola Camacho will transport you to a world full of passion, drama and romance.

Don't miss your chance to take part in this special performance!


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