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Nothing But Thieves - The Moral Panic Tour

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Hiya, we're incredibly gutted to announce that we have to cancel our upcoming North America tour in February and postpone our Eastern European tour in May. Luckily, our European tour starting in March will be unaffected. Conor, on doctor's orders, is having to undergo a series of surgeries to fix a respiratory problem he has been suffering with. We obviously wholeheartedly support him. 
He'll be okay, but his well-being has to come first and if we want to realise our ambition of touring until we're old and hairless, this is what needs to be done. As you can imagine, after a hard couple of years this is the last thing we wanted to happen, but it's not a decision that can be avoided. 
We are rescheduling our run in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and Finland for October / November.  Please hold on to your tickets they will remain valid.  We know you have been waiting for this tour a hell of a long time now.
USA and Canada we will be back with you next year and are already looking at putting together a new tour, hopefully with some extra dates.
We have other, more fun news coming in the not too distant future.  
Much love,


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