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Tartu laulupidu peakontsert. Laulupeo 150. sünnipäev

Sa 22/06/2019 18:00
Tartu Laululava
12.00 - 30.00
Main concert of the Tartu song festival | 150th anniversary of the Estonian Song Celebration

Fellow singing enthusiasts!

I invite you to the celebration of my 150th birthday on 20–22 June 2019 in Tartu.

If you are unable to attend the whole three-day event, then come on 22 June when all my friends will gather at the Tartu Festival Arena to sing a great birthday song by Gustav Ernesaks, Arvo Pärt, Veljo Tormis, Miina Härma and many, many others. By now, over 8,500 guests have promised to come – they will, of course, be singing on stage under the arc.

To make this event a warm and sweet celebration, I have asked Triin Koch to be the principal conductor and Anu Lamp, Riina Roose, and Karl Laumets to be the stage directors.

You will also see and hear brass bands and the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra. I think it is going to be a jolly reunion! After the conductors leave the stage after a job-well-done, my young friends from Curly Strings will take over and we will continue singing in the short mid-summer night.

I will wait for you!

Your song festival

The year 2019 will mark the 150th anniversary of the Estonian Song Celebration. The celebration will, of course, be held in Tartu, the birthplace of Estonian song festivals. The main concert of the Tartu Song Festival will include songs that every Estonian holds dear and deep in their hearts. On 22 June 2019, more than 8,500 singers – from grandfathers to pre-schoolers – will perform a number of timeless choral songs. For example, ‘Tuljak’ by Miina Härma, ‘Mu isamaa on minu arm’ by Aleksander Kunileid, ‘Laulu algus’ by Veljo Tormis, ‘Kutse’ by Gustav Ernesaks, ‘Laul Põhjamaast’ by Ülo Vinter, ‘Eesti hällilaul’ by Arvo Pärt, ‘Tahan, ei taha’ by Airi Liiva, and ‘Õunalaul’ by Rein Rannap.

Like in the very first song festival 150 years ago, spectators can also enjoy music from brass bands. Performers include the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra with soloists Tõnis Mägi, Jarek Kasar, Reigo Tamm (Estonian National Opera), Ivo Linna, and many others. After the main concert, the birthday celebrations will continue on the Tartu Festival Arena with the musical ensemble Curly Strings

The Estonian Song Celebrations, first held 150 years ago, are included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The first Estonian song festival was held in 1869 in Tartu. Let us have a jolly reunion!

See the whole programme of the anniversary song festival at and travel in Tartu through the song festival times.

N.B. Everyone who buys a ticket to the main concert of the Tartu Song Festival can contribute with Piletilevi to the restauration of St. Mary’s Church, the Estonian song festival church. Located at Pepleri 1, it was the site for the anxious and successful final rehearsal for the first Estonian Song Celebration with lead organiser Johann Voldemar Jannsen. The gathering of the party that reunites us today began in Tartu St. Mary’s Church 150 ago.

Students and pupils, owners of the ITIC card, pensioners, individuals with special needs, the repressed
Children under 6 years of age and individuals with special needs are welcome to enjoy the main concert of the Tartu song festival for free.
All individuals who purchase a supporter ticket will also receive a festival programme, a seating mat, a raincoat, and an armband. They are also ensured a quick and seamless entrance onto the festival arena and our appreciation for supporting the song festival and the joy of singing.
Family ticket (two adults and four children of up to 17 years of age).

Seating areas for the Tartu song festival main concert on the Tartu Festival Arena.

Understandably, everybody expects something different from the song festival. Some wish to sing along, others want to spend time with their family, while someone else wishes to relax and think about the nature of being an Estonian. For the main concert of the Tartu song festival, we have separated the Tartu Festival Arena into two main seating areas to satisfy as many wishes as possible. Inspired by ‘Eesti hällilaul’ by Arvo Pärt, we named one area ‘Kuss, kuss, kallike’ (Shush, darling), and the other area is named ‘Tuljak’ in honour of Miina Härma,.

The first area – ‘Kuss, kuss, kallike’, or the listening area – is meant for gourmands of the song festival. It is for people who wish to hear all performed notes while searching the songs for meaning and for reflections of themselves.
For people who prefer to enjoy music in peace and silence, choose seats for the whole family and be sure that these are the seats that are ready for them when they arrive with their children and friends on 22 June on the Tartu Festival Arena.

The seats closer to the arc are numbered; this is an area for enjoying the concert in a so-called classical way. For those who love the song festival with their whole heart and soul, who become motionless when they hear the world’s most beautiful Estonian choral songs. Flowers, meadows and sunlight is brought to you through music in the ‘Kuss, kuss, kallike’ area, or the concert listener area.

The ‘Tuljak’ area, or anniversary area, is the best place for ‘gathering the community’ (as the popular lyrics go), or take joy in meeting up with loved-ones and enjoying the concert in a little merrier manner. It is, after all, a significant anniversary!

The ‘Tuljak’ area includes unnumbered seats, standing positions, and green grass. Make sure to arrive with plenty of spare time so you can pick a suitable spot!
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Tartu laulupidu peakontsert. Laulupeo 150. sünnipäev Sa 22/06/2019 18:00 Tartu Laululava 12.00 - 30.00
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Ticketing service fee 0.60 € (including VAT 21%) will be applied for each ticket.

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