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Dejas Sapnī un īstenībā - mūzika čellam un klavierēm

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On May 15th, Wednesday, in the heart of Riga, at the Small Guild, Kirill Varyash and Tatiana Chigorskaya will present a wonderful program for the widest audience

The program "Dances in Dreams and Reality" is an exciting journey through diverse dance cultures of the world.

From the fiery rhythms of Spanish flamenco to the swirling melodies of Hungarian Gypsy dance, from the proud Georgian folk dances to the refined French steps—our program offers you the opportunity to enjoy the works of great composers such as Brahms, Bartok, Sarasate, de Falla, Fauré, and Monti.

The second part of the program is dedicated to the great tango maestro, Astor Piazzolla. To the sound of his amazing compositions, you will feel the thrilling emotions and passions that are inherent in this remarkable dance.

And remember, as the famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said: "We do not dance to reach the end of the dance, but to enjoy each step along the way."

More information: http://www.kirillvarjas.com


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