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Anime Superstars- The Orchestra ''38 Samurai''

Sa 29/04/2023 19:00 - Su 30/04/2023 20:50
22.00 - 59.00
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Konnichiwa to all fans of Japanese animation, culture, and music!
The orchestra 38 SAMURAI would love to see you on their stunning visualized show “Anime SuperStars”, which is part of the European tour of 2023.
From classic Hayao Miyazaki masterpieces to mystical characters of Tetsuro Araki… Over 20 soundtracks from famous anime series will adorn the cultural experience of your evening.
The musical repertoire consists of pieces from famous anime shows such as Naruto, Attack On Titan, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, Domestic Girlfriend, One Punch Man, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing, Princess Mononoke, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note and more!
The Orchestra 38 SAMURAI consists of 38 artists, who are dedicated to their craft, it is a new symphonic crossover created by young and ambitious musicians.
The energy and drive of young souls, bright sound and visual show will make this concert unforgettable!
The show stars:
- musicians of the orchestra;
- rock band;
- choir;
as well as mega-talented, striking and charming soloists: Miyoko, Yasya, Ellias and Victor.
Get ready for the celebration and don’t forget to take a lightstick with you, as we are always happy to feel your support!
Tomodachi, the kawaii time is coming! Do not miss out to experience the awesome concert “Anime SuperStars” by the orchestra 38 SAMURAI!

More information: https://www.artpartner.lv


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