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WinterCon VII

Sa 14/01/2023 12:00 - Su 15/01/2023 20:00
22.00 - 60.00
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WinterCon is back! 14 and 15 January it will take place in the Kipsala International exhibitions center for the seventh time.
WinterCon is a two days cultural and entertainment event where you can see characters from your most beloved movies and games "come alive". You will discover new worlds - the world of tabletop, PC and console games, as well as the world of crafts, entertainment technology, modern visual arts, comics, literature and others!
A vast variety of different cultural phenomena will be available for your enjoyment:
•    Anime and cosplay (costumes);
•    Dance performances and K-pop;
•    Table, computer and console games;
•    eSport tournaments;
•    IT/gamedev fair;
•    Hand - crafting;
•    Contemporary visual arts;
•    Presentations;
•    Masterclasses;
•    Comics and literature;
•    Themed shops;
•    Films, series and cartoons;
•    And many more.

We will be glad to see you and your friends on the 14th and 15th of January, in Kipsala International exhibitions center.
Fan ticket includes:
- Two days personalized entry pass;
- Early entrance;
- Separate entrance line;
- Reserved sitting place by the stage;
- T-Shirt.
Tickets price.
Tickets price will change from 1.12.2022.
Saturday ticket will cost 22 Eur.
Sunday ticket will cost 22 Eur.
Two days ticket will cost 30 Eur.
Fan ticket will cost 60 Eur.
In case the epidemiological situation changes, entrance regulation can be changed as well.
By purchasing a ticket to the event, the visitor agrees that the organizer can make filming and photography during the event.

More information: http://www.unicon.lv

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