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All We 10 Jan 19:00 ATKAL - Jāņa Skuteļa stāvizrāde VALMIERĀ Valmieras drāmas teātris, Latvia 8.00 - 15.00 € We 27 Dec 19:00 Karaliskais improvizācijas teātris - SKUJU TEV Kinoteātris K Suns, Latvia 10.00 € Sa 09 Dec 20:00 Balle pie galdiņiem, Lustīgais Blūmizers Grenctāles kultūras nams, Latvia 4.90 - 7.00 € Su 04 Feb 11:00 Lekcija Suns un Es / Лекция Собака и Я Dino Zoo Arena konferenču zāle, Latvia 30.00 € Su 21 Jan 19:00 Persiešu valodas stundas Žaņa Lipkes memoriāls, Latvia 19.00 - 23.00 € Su 18 Feb 20:00 King Krule - European Tour 2018 Menų fabrikas Loftas, Lithuania 37.00 - 44.00 € Su 07 Jan 13:00 Ziemassvētku piedzīvojums PASAKU LABIRINTS RC Alternatīvā Realitāte, Tallinas 30, Rīga, Latvia 5.00 - 15.00 € Fr 29 Dec 20:00 Rīgas Improvizācijas teātra komanda ARTiŠOK Happy Art Museum, Latvia 7.00 € Sa 13 Jan 21:00 APVEDCEĻŠ Muzikāli izklaidējošs atpūtas klubs 9.vilnis, Latvia 5.00 - 70.00 € Sa 02 Dec 21:00 BRUĢIS Muzikāli izklaidējošs atpūtas klubs 9.vilnis, Latvia 5.00 - 70.00 € Mo 27 Nov 18:30 HK RĪGA : TAIFUN (Piejūras nov.) Inbox.Lv ledus halle, Latvia 2.00 - 4.00 € Sa 25 Nov 17:00 Mūsu Esenins / Наш Есенин Baltijas Starptautiskā Akadēmija, Latvia 5.00 € We 06 Dec 19:00 Koncerts ''Amerikāņu ģēnijs-Leonards Bernšteins Ventspils Kultūras centrs, Latvia 4.00 € Su 22 Jul 12:00 POSITIVUS FESTIVAL 2018 - SVĒTDIENAS BIĻETE (SUNDAY TICKET) - 22.07. Salacgrīva, Zvejnieku parks, Latvia 50.00 € Mo 16 Jul 11:30 Brauciens no Rīgas uz GUNS N' ROSES koncertu Tallinā un atpakaļ Rīga - Tallina - Rīga, Latvia 39.00 € Tu 27 Feb 19:00 Prāgas melnais teātris SRNEC ar programmu ANTOLOGIA / Пражский черный театр SRNEC с программой ANTOLOGIA VEF kultūras pils, Latvia 15.00 - 45.00 € Th 30 Nov 20:00 STAND UP Comedy on Daugava Kuģis `Rīgas Pērle`, Latvia 5.00 - 9.00 € Su 21 Jan 11:00 Riekstkodis (Pikolo muzikālais lektorijs bērniem (Sanktpēterburga)) / Щелкунчик (Детский музыкальный лекторий Пикколо (Санкт- Петербург)) Kino Splendid Palace, Latvia 20.00 - 25.00 € Tu 27 Mar 19:00 VIA Plamja / ВИА Пламя Rīgas Kongresu nams , Latvia 7.50 - 22.50 € Sa 10 Feb 19:00 LATVIAN BLUES BAND KONCERTS Teātra nams Jūras vārti, Latvia 8.00 - 10.00 € Tu 19 Dec 19:00 Režisors A. Učiteļs - Kino es esmu mūžīgais skolnieks / Режиссёр А. Учитель - В кино я вечный ученик Maskavas nams , Latvia 10.00 - 30.00 € Su 26 Nov 15:00 Koncerts''Dejas pa dejas ceļu, dziesmas ar nošu rakstu Teātra nams Jūras vārti, Latvia 2.00 € Fr 15 Dec 23:59 Pirmo reizi Latvijā - SKRUDŽI / СКРУДЖИ (Black Star) FIRST МИР, Latvia 15.00 - 20.00 € Fr 08 Dec 19:00 Koncertpiedzīvojums PASAKA ZIEMĀ - svētku sagaidīšana draugu, kolēģu, ģimenes lokā pie apaļiem galdiem K.K. fon Stricka villa, Latvia 45.00 € We 31 Jan 19:00 PĒC PUSNAKTS - Džeza teātra izrāde Teātra nams Jūras vārti, Latvia 7.00 € Tu 13 Nov 20:00 VAKARIŅAS TUMSĀ Restorāns OLIVE, Latvia 30.00 - 85.00 € Th 05 Apr 19:00 Konkursa Riga Jazz Stage 2018 Abonements Kino Splendid Palace, Latvia 60.00 € Tu 17 Jul 20:00 A-ha - Electric Summer 2018 Siguldas pilsdrupu estrāde, Latvia 39.00 - 49.00 € Su 10 Dec 14:00 Festival DARKLAND FIRE 8 / Darkland Fire Advent Rakvere Kolmainu kirik, Estonia 5.00 € Su 17 Dec 20:00 Rīgas Improvizācijas teātris AR ŠARMU PRET KARMU Cafe Film Noir (Splendid Palace telpās), Latvia 12.00 €

Festival 'Erots 2017' will be hotter than ever!

On 17 and 18 February, the atmosphere in Ķīpsala at the festival “Erots 2017” will be ignited by hot, flirty and even acrobatic striptease shows. There will also be no shortage of extreme performances for seekers of new sensations. In addition, this year visitors are invited to enjoy the party at the lounge club with go-go dancers and a DJ. “Erots” is revealing all of its cards – get to know this year’s brightest artists!

“Erots 2017” will offer an unprecedented show – the playful burlesque. Estonian performers Affinity Starr and Miss Chrissy Kiss will dazzle the audience with extravagant costumes and spicy coquetry.
Women will be able to make sure of the local striptease dancers’ MALE Empire NIGHT_out SHOW magical abilities to make them melt with desire and even scream of excitement! "Sirens will sound, smoke will fill the room, glass will break and... towels will fall! Get ready! It will be hot!”  – that is what the sexy Latvian guys have to say about their Las Vegas style show.
In turn, artists Angelica and Victor of the Belarusian duet Los Angeles will draw the viewers into a breathtaking and erotic game with intense passion, desire and dangerous tricks. The acrobatic numbers and athletic bodies will make you follow each move of the artists with enthusiasm. Just as much adrenaline and sexuality will be experienced in the acrobatic numbers of Lollipops, worthy of circus performances. The sexy lollipops will be up in the air during the whole show, gracefully curling through and around a gymnastic ring. As the tension will grow, the fewer clothes there will be...
The reserved hearts of northerners will be set on fire by the stars of “Erots 2017” from Finland – the thick and graceful panther Irina Tundra and the dominant she-wolf Minttu Gee. The experienced erotic dancers will play the roles of animal and trainer, as well as those of a nurse and patient.
However, if you wish to take part in an unorthodox erotic adventure – head to the Wild stage. At the moment when most striptease shows end, DoubleTrouble Berlin goes into action! It is a pornographic sadomasochism comedy – wicked and dirty stories with unexpected and satirical turning points. In turn, Flame Hel shibari or the bondage art performance will provide a sensual interplay between vulnerability and force. It will be a vivid aesthetic and erotic delight, and, as rumours say, it brings euphoria not only to those participating, but also to the viewers. If you will fall into the allurement of shibari art, you will be able to master it at the adjacent Tessika stand. There will also be an SM masterclass next to the Wild stage, offering the visitors to try out their butt-slapping skills and other cheeky things.
Get to know the full event programme and the list of artists here:
In addition to the impressive programme of shows, “Erots” will also offer the possibility of purchasing various items for spicing up one’s love life: massage oils, lubricants, erotic lingerie, toys for adults, as well as erotic literature and films. Visitors of the festival will be engaged in wet t-shirt contests and other hot competitions, and they will have the possibility of getting autographs of the most erotic stars, as well as acquire daring tattoos or new piercings.
Follow the news:
The erotic festival “Erots 2017” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. The event is supported by “Cēsu alus”, “Bellevue Park Hotel Riga”, “Baltic Taxi”, “Prieks Tūre”, “One Touch”, “T-shirt store by t-bode” and “”.

Ticket price – EUR 15. In advance of, as well as during the sultry event, the tickets might become more expensive. Entry from the age of 18 and over!
“Erots 2017” opening hours:
17 February 18:00–3:00
18 February 18:00–3:00
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